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Rules and Procedures of Site Hosted Pet Runs.

Rules and Procedures of Site Hosted Pet Runs.

A Pet Run is a Site owned account that is released by event host in order for all members to buy and build cash and assets as many times as they can before the end of the run.

Buy Back Limits: A buy back limit is a set value determined by the Director of Events, this limit is solely a buy back limit, if you buy the run pet over the pre set limit you will be given a choice to either be given the login info for the pet and then the profile becomes yours, or to have the pet reset (causing you to loose the cost of the pet) and then bought back. If the pet stops being bought before the set limit the host will then buy the pet back. Choosing to stop before or after the limit is each buyers personal choice just remember that if you go over it is on you not the host.

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