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In addition to offering a unique platform for personal expression, FriendsUtopia provides opportunities for you to meet and socialize with other teens through profiles and social games. While FriendsUtopia can increase your circle of friends, it can also increase the possibility that you may be exposed to people with inappropriate intentions. FriendsUtopia encourages you to use the following resources and information as a guide when accessing social networks. FriendsUtopia wants you to stay safe and have fun online!

Teen Internet Safety

Although most online users access social networks to interact with friends and meet new people, it is important to protect your personal information from others who might misuse websites. In order to protect your personal information, FriendsUtopia suggests you do not post your full name, address, phone number or family information anywhere online — and don’t post other people’s information. You should also be aware of posting information that could be used to identify you or locate you offline. Also, sharing login information or passwords with anyone other than parents, even your closest friends, may put you at risk.


Unknown websites may also be harmful due to inappropriate content or privacy risks. Phishing is a method used by fraudsters to access your personal information by pretending to be a site you trust. Ask an adult about a website or only visit sites you know you can trust. It is also necessary to be thoughtful about the friends you approach and accept online. Only accept friend invitations from people you trust, and adjust your profile and privacy settings to Friends Only.


The most important online safety practice is to avoid face-to-face meetings with unknown people. FriendsUtopia encourages you to do your research before deciding to meet someone in person from the Internet. Ask your friends whether they know the person and conduct online searches to find out more information. If you decide to meet an online friend, tell an adult where you are going and when you will be back, ask an adult to meet the friend before spending time alone and give the name of the person to others before the meeting. Meetings should always be arranged for public places with people you trust to join you.


Online safety risks do not always involve other users. Some users experience negative interactions online because they post inappropriate content that exposes them to danger or gets them into trouble with parents, friends and/or law enforcement. It is important to remember that your parents, teachers and potential employers may view your profile. As a result, FriendsUtopia encourages you to think carefully about how you express yourself on your profile and to post only information that you are comfortable with others seeing, knowing and remembering about you. Once you post information online, it’s very difficult to remove it entirely. Even if you delete the information from a site, older versions exist on other people’s computers.


Negative statements and images posted online have the potential to hurt others and ruin relationships. Such posts may also result in school and/or legal consequences. FriendsUtopia takes the issue of cyberbullying very seriously and encourages you to contact trusted adults and caregivers immediately if you experience such interactions online, as well as to report such abuse to FriendsUtopia.

Abuse Reporting

At any time you should feel comfortable in reporting issues to FriendsUtopia Customer by selecting the “Contact Us” link from the “Account” menu bar. Complete the form and a FriendsUtopia Customer Experience staff member will assist you promptly.


Don’t be afraid to tell your parents and teachers, as their biggest concern is your safety. Explain to them that you understand online safety is important and that is why you are telling them about your experience. Remember, a crime online is still a crime and law enforcement personnel have sophisticated tools used to investigate online crimes. provides links to additional authorities and groups you can also consider contacting


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